Orange City, IA model photographed for fine art photo by Ace von Alling

Model Photography Portfolio

Photographically, I focus on recording the poise and allure of the figure utilizing beautiful and compelling models. The portfolio of model images you see here features a few of the women who have graced the lens of my camera in studio, on location, or through my travels.

What you see here is perhaps 1% of the very best of my work over a period of several years. Nothing is so simple as coming straight from the camera, nor is anyone simply plucked off the street. Makeup, wardrobe selection, lighting, camera angles, Photoshop, and other post-processing all work to make every model look her best. It’s not uncommon to wonder how you measure up against the models you see here, so consider taking a look at the unedited and behind the scenes photos where available.

Unedited Photos and Warm Up Outfits