Black and White photograph of Ace von Alling, a world-class photographer and artist.

Welcome! I photograph nude models in northeast Nebraska first and foremost. I’ve also been known to travel to other locations with those who model for me on a regular basis and to photograph other models where they live.

I’m Nebraska-based photographer Ace von Alling. With nearly 25 years of experience with hundreds of models, I aim to provide a working studio environment that is both creative and effective.

Many of the models I work with are neither professionals nor full-time. I adore working with experienced freelancers as well as women who are newer to modeling. Some work with me to build a modeling portfolio, others are seeking a thrilling new adventure. I provide competitive compensation for all photoshoots.

Creating the kind of connection we both need for a productive working relationship is a process. I’d much rather have a no-pressure interview with a prospective model than to rush straight into shooting. I may be a bit unconventional in career choice, but I’m also a regular person and easy to talk to. Don’t be afraid to get in touch: the worst you’ll hear back is “no” and I usually phrase it more politely. You can see what past models have had to say. Get in touch and let’s make some art together!