Modeling Jobs | Fine Art Photography

  • Competetive Compensation: I hire and pay gorgeous women for fine art modeling jobs
  • On-the-job Training: I’m delighted to work with new faces as well as experienced models
  • Comfortable First Meetup: An informal first meeting takes the place of high-pressure interviews
  • Easy to Try: Easy warm ups with fun, fashionable wardrobe to begin

I hire driven, alluring women for fine art figure modeling photography. Based in northeast Nebraska, I also travel routinely for photoshoots in locations exotic, mainstream, and obscure. I’ve photographed hundreds of women from across the US and around the world.

While experience in front of the camera is helpful, it is not a requirement. Many of my subjects had never modeled nude before we met, some never modeled at all, and some had years of modeling experience. You must be legally permitted to undertake the modeling jobs we’re doing together.

I believe in beauty and femininity, and the models I select and the images we create together reflect that. The women I work with aid me in creating images of feminine strength, beauty, and resolve. They are bold in their depiction of self-assurance and dignity.

I pay models for photoshoots, and while it’s not easy work, many say it’s the most fun they’ve had at a job. My work is currently exploring themes around esotericism, religion, the natural world, and the mind. A combination of studio and location work is common, and you may find yourself posing with a classic car or motorcycle, a work of art, a famous landmark, or an important work of art. You may be in a temporary studio set up in a small town, or in a luxurious mansion in a trendy city.

The photographs are used to create limited edition, signed prints sold through art dealers. I also create limited edition books of fine art photographs and occasional one-of-a-kind works of art in other media.

Take a look at a portfolio of my work to get a clear idea of my photography. Have questions? I’ve probably answered most of them based on what other models have asked frequently in the past. Finally, when you’re ready, fill out the application to model for me.

The application includes space to upload a couple of selfies. Once we’ve received the application, an assistant or I will contact you if we feel like your’e a good match for an upcoming project.