Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to be nude immediately?
  • No, your first session can begin fully clothed.
  • Nudity along the lines of what you see in the portfolio occurs once you get comfortable.
Do I need modeling experience?
  • No modeling experience required.
  • Dance, acting, & athletic backgrounds can be helpful.
  • I have a style of posing that I teach all the models I work with.
Is this difficult to do?
  • Most women you see here never thought of themselves as models.
  • You can start shooting fully clothed.
  • Everyone is anxious before the first shoot. It’s perfectly normal. Within 15 minutes of the first shutter click, you’ll forget why you were nervous.
  • Can you show up on time? That’s the hardest part. Everything else I can talk you through.
Can I pose now, but ask you to hold off on publishing?
  • I can delay publication for an agreed-upon period of time. 
  • We can put that agreement in writing. 
  • Only a tiny percentage of the images I take are ever seen become part of my artwork.
  • Hugely helpful as you go through a change in phase of life.
I want to model nude but I’ve never done it before.
  • We’ll meet in person and talk before scheduling to be sure you know what you’re doing.
  • Most people are a little nervous to start, but modeling turns out to be an amazing confidence builder.
  • I’ve worked with hundreds of new models. I always make sure the model is comfortable (mentally and emotionally! some poses are physically demanding!)
  • I can help train models while they work other jobs.
  • Lots of models have initial doubts. We work through them one step at a time.
What happens in a photoshoot?
  • We’ll talk ideas and themes beforehand.
  • We’ll warm you up to modeling with clothed photos, then work through simple poses.
  • Posses get refined as we shoot and learn your strengths and angles.
  • I love to hear and incorporate your ideas!
How much will I get paid?
  • Every nude photography session is a paid modeling job.
  • You can choose to be paid with:
    • money via cash, Venmo, PayPal, or other transfer
    • images from the shoot you finished
    • with a shoot done exclusively for your purposes
    • a combination of the above
  • Get in touch for current rates.
What do you use the photos for?
  • I make limited edition art prints sold to collectors. 
  • I also make albums and photo art books. 
  • Everything is top quality, low quantity, and designed for those who appreciate fine art.
  • I also write books on the process, philosophy, and technique of photography.
  • I create digital artwork using a variety of programs to combine and create images beyond what is created in camera.
  • I market through dealers and use kickstarter for creating limited edition books and print runs.
I applied to model. What do I do now?
  • I usually respond to applications at least once a week, unless I’m traveling.
  • Expect a phone call.
Can I bring someone?
  • Absolutely! Bring a friend along to the interview so I can meet them beforehand!
What is your backgroud?
  • Ace is a full-time photo artist.
  • A photographer since age 13.
  • Began as a fashion photographer in New York at age 19.
  • Over 25 years experience.
  • Has photographed hundreds of models.
How are model’s rights protected?
  • Models are listed under a stage name for privacy.
  • Harassment (which I’ve never had happen) would be met with any applicable civil & criminal legal charges.
  • Models give written permission for their likeness to be used.
Do you hire through agencies/managers?
  • I will hire through reputable agencies and managers.
  • I regularly hire unsigned, new faces, and independent models.

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