Prepare For Your Photoshoot

If this is your first shoot with me:

  • Tell me about any tattoos you have so I can prepare for makeup or photoshop.
  • Do your body hair removal routine in advance to avoid razor burn or waxing redness.
  • Be able to remove piercings for the shoot. (We’re not worried about small earrings.)


  • Mascara and false eyelashes are appropriate.
  • Pale nail polish: Pink, beige, nude, clear, french manicure, etc. No bright or dark colors.
  • Lips a natural or neutral color. Again, nothing super bright or dark.
  • Light eyeliner and neutral colored eyeshadow in natural areas only. No expansive eye makeup.
  • Don’t darken or pencil in your eyebrows unless we’ve discussed in advance.

Please Don’t:

  • No tight clothing for 90+ Minutes before shoot. (This includes bras, underwear, socks, anything with elastic bands)
  • No dark or bright fingernails or toenails. Natural looks are best.
  • No over-long or pointy nails. No claws.
  • Don’t overdraw your lips, eyebrows, or eyeliner.

If This Is Your First Nude Shoot:

  • Loose & baggy clothes the day of are your friend. No socks or jeans. Avoid anything that will make elastic lines. You can bring lingerie for the warm-up portion of your shoot, but keep it off until we’re ready.
  • Reduce your tan lines. A good base all-over tan is great, but not too dark. So is being winter pale. Avoid sunburns. Use sunscreen. (Tan-through bathing suits are great for summer.
  • It’s normal to be nervous! That’s why we start with clothed warm up photos. I’ve done worked with hundreds of new models; once you’re in the studio, it’ll be easy!

Tips For New Models:

  • Make sure you get a good night’s sleep for several nights before your shoot. It’s normal to have trouble sleeping the night before.
  • Stay active, but avoid big athletic pursuits the day before.
  • Stay hydrated.
  • Avoid too much alcohol or too much caffeine. Eat moderately.
  • Pack a Model’s Kit and remember to bring it along!
  • Having trouble making it on time? Communicate! I’m pretty reasonable.
  • Tell me if you’re going to be late or if you can’t make it. No need to make explanations. Just tell me as soon as you know.

Things To Bring Along:

  • Flip flops or slippers if we’re in studio.
  • Flip flops or hiking shoes if we’re outdoors.
  • Touch-up makeup. Mascara & eyeliner especially.
  • A warm-up outfit. Something you feel good about yourself in.
  • Robe, cardigan, or other cover-up attire. Keep yourself warm in the studio and shielded from prying eyes if we’re outdoors.
  • Props or wardrobe items you think could be cool. Discuss things with me!

Long-Term Tips:

  • Use sunscreen religiously.
  • Avoid strong sun between 10 AM & 2 PM.
  • Tan-through swimsuits for the beach or pool